• Welcome to the OC, the perfect vacation spot.

    Always in season, and easily accessible,

    the OC is only 20 miles from Legoland.

  • Stay

    Unpack your blanket and stay a while. The OC is home to two of the county’s most respectable real estate planning enterprises.
    Soar* to new heights and rent a place at the latest project from the Bluth Company.

    *Jet Pants™ sold separately.
    Staying the night? Try the delicious ice cream sandwiches.
    Looking for excitement? Then this is the place for you. Leave your keys in the jar and join the community whirlpool. No teasing allowed.
    These Solid-As-A-Rock houses look like they have just about everything. Leave your down payment now and receive a free CornBaller®.
    You don’t have to go to the woods for a great camping experience. The Mobile Cabin is outdoors on the go.
  • Dine

    Tired of going out for groceries at the liquor store? Come out and try some of the OC's yummiest delicacies, loaded with carbohydrates, and accompanied by free refills on any drink!
    “It’s a wonderful restaurant!”
    –Local Analrapist.
    Leave your Yakamas at home and drink the night away at Miss Temple’s. TGIF!
    Stop by for a frozen banana that won’t make you sick and kill you. Currently only accepting Pesos.
    The original frozen banana stand. Tip: Get the “Gob” if you’re extra hungry for those delicious bananas and nuts.
  • Relax

    Life is more than long shifts and mailing letters. Take a break and build yourself a sandcastle at the OC beach.
    Parties on the Queen Mary are the talk of the precinct.
    And if you’re lucky, you might get to shovel that coal yourself and take her out to sea.
    The aquatic wildlife is bustling with energy. Take a boat out and gander at the majestic seals and cats swimming all around you.
    Woo-hoo! Leave the surfboard at home, because during Spring Break, the beach is a wonderland of girls with low self esteem and illusions!
  • Enjoy

    Looking for some culture? From family activities to romantic afternoons, we have it all. Bring your date, or cousin, or both!
    Your heart will skip a beat at the sight of The Living Classics Pageant, where art comes to life. It will put the “God” in “Oh My God”.
    Get closer to the stars and head down to the lot to watch your favorite shows, live!
    Currently taping “Mock Trial with J. Reinhold”, “Bud Cort” and “El Amor Prohibido”.
    Oh, the shrimp. Stop by for some of the juiciest prawns ever at ShrimpFest, conveniently located by the hospital.
    The phrase “Motherly Love” takes a new meaning at the annual Motherboy mother and son dance.
    (Not to be confused with the heavy metal band also named “Motherboy”)
    The recently safety-inspected “Tunnel of Love, Indubitably” is the perfect spot for dates and spotting celebrities mid-shoot.
  • Go Out

    Strap on that leather, daddy, because the nightlife
    in the OC is a load of good vibrations.
    It’s nice to be back in a Queen! The newly reopened club features some of the town’s hottest talent.
    Nothing says “Illusions” like the Gothic Castle. Come by and watch some of the greatest Magician Alliance approved magicians including the deliciously famous Tony Wonder.
    Rest up before that Lakers game.
    With the movie industry right around the corner, great flicks are always in abundance. From gritty personal projects to rigidly formulaic popcorn movies, there’s something for everyone.